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Medzie Points: Elevate Your Experience with Rewards and Benefits


Welcome to Medzie, where we're dedicated to enhancing your experience on our platform. We're excited to introduce you to Medzie Points – a rewarding system designed to give you more value and benefits as you engage with our healthcare community.

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Earning Medzie Points: Your Journey to Rewards

We believe that your active participation should be recognized and rewarded.
Here's how you can earn points:

Registration bonus
Registration Bonus

As a warm welcome to our platform, we're granting you 2000 points upon registration. This isn't just a gesture; it's our way of expressing gratitude for joining our innovative and forward-thinking community. Your presence is instrumental in shaping the future of Medzie, and these points are a token of our appreciation for being part of this journey.

Profile completion
Profile Completion

Complete your profile to earn more points and showcase your skills, qualifications, and experience to potential employers.

Referral rewards
Referral Rewards

Spread the word and refer friends and colleagues to Medzie. When they create their profiles, both you and your referral earn points

Engagement Success
Engagement Success

Successfully completing engagements and receiving positive reviews from healthcare organizations can also earn you points.

Participate in Surveys

Miro gives hosts the tools they need to make online meetings feel like they’re in person.

Spending Medzie Points: Unlocking Opportunities

With your earned Medzie Points

you gain access to various services and benefits

Featured Listings
Featured Listings

Use points to feature your profile or offer (e.g. job) listing, boosting its visibility and attracting potential partners and employers.

Posting Ads

Spend points to post ads for job opportunities or healthcare services, expanding your reach and connecting with a broader audience

Profile Boost
Profile Boost

Elevate your profile's visibility by spending points to increase your chances of being discovered by healthcare organizations.


Special offer

The 3-Month Trial Period

During your 3-month trial period, you have a unique opportunity to actively earn points as you engage with our platform. Seize this chance to accumulate points and make the most of our rewarding system

Your Points, Your Control

We believe in putting you in charge. Decide when and how to use your points to maximize your Medzie experience and its benefits.

Medzie Points is just one of the exciting features we're bringing to our platform. Expect more updates and enhancements to empower you and create a dynamic and rewarding healthcare ecosystem. Thank you for choosing Medzie. Your active involvement helps us build a stronger, more vibrant community. Together, let's elevate the way healthcare professionals and organizations connect, collaborate, and flourish. Your journey with us is about to get even more rewarding

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