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Intelligent services for your Healthcare Facility


Medzie's tech-enabled services including searching for qualified staff, posting ads, scheduling, contracting and payment help empower your facility and healthcare professionals to connect and collaborate effectively

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Our services for medical facilities

  • Intelligent candidate search 
  • In app messaging with candidates 
  • Scheduling*
  • Create your own Ads
  • Generate contracts and pay on Medzie*
  • Secure document storage*

* Coming summer 2023


Intelligent Search 

Medzie streamlines the search process for healthcare facilities by providing quick and direct access to certified healthcare professionals.

With a focus on real-time availability, location, and specialty, you can easily find the right candidate for your facility without any intermediaries. 

  • Quickly find FOPH certified healthcare Professionals
  • Precise Filtering to Find the Perfect Candidate for Your Facility  
  • No agency- Direct Connection with healthcare Professionals
  • In app messaging 

Create your own Ads

Looking for healthcare professionals, but short on time? With Medzie, simply post Ads tailored to your needs and let our cutting-edge AI matchmaking solution do the work for you.

Let top talent find you with ease and free up your time to focus on delivering the best care to your patients 

  • Post upcoming job opportunities  
  • Advertise for collaboration with other consultants  
  • Find trustworthy tenants for your healthcare practice 
  • Offer mentorship and training opportunities to resident doctors 

Payments and Contracting *

Healthcare facilities can draw up contracts using Medzie templates and pay healthcare professionals and associated social costs directly through Medzie's platform, streamlining the payment process and reducing the need for additional paperwork

  • Directly pay staff in app
  • Manage social security payments 
  • Issue contracts

Scheduling *

Medzie revolutionizes the scheduling process for healthcare facilities with the use of AI to predict potential staff shortages. Our scheduling tool allows for quick and efficient management of shifts and coverage, ensuring that your facility is always fully staffed and ready to provide top-notch medical care

  • Predictive AI to Anticipate Staff Shortages 
  • Streamlined Shift Management and Coverage 
  • Auto generate job ads based on predictive staff shortages 

Let Medzie's services help you streamline your healthcare facility 

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